Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Still Here

Back from a super fun quilt retreat last week in Park City! My BFF Megan joined me and 73 other ladies to quilt our hearts out and eat lots of chocolate!  I finished one quilt top and worked on two others, I also took a little class on making a sewing machine cover to keep out the dust and worked on that - hopefully it will be done soon and I can show it.
Finished (after much cursing and muttering and un-picking):
I have been working on this scrappy around the world for a couple of years, but am ready to finish it, it is kind of fun, because I can see all the bits from all of the quilts I have made. I made 10 more blocks while at the retreat and have about 10-15 more to make:

I have been working on this baby for at least two years, but am on a mission to finish it! I only have about 100 units left to make, then I can put together the blocks and carefully put them together to make the (giant) quilt that has carefully placed lights and darks:

I bought this printed interfacing from Quilt Smart to attempt to make a double wedding ring quilt - the easy way?  I am planning on doing it in brights:

And let me tell you, after lounging around, eating chocolate, etc. while wearing my cushy/stretchy sport bra, the girls did NOT want to get back into the wire cage come Sunday! But, I forced them (you can thank me later)
So, back to life, as usual which is pretty dang good these days. I am down to working 3 afternoons per week! One of my favorite things is going to the movies in the afternoon - I'll go by myself if no one else is available, so I'm planning on doing that on one of my "extra" afternoons, as well as making soup, etc. - things you just can't do too easily while working 5 days! Toodles! -Brenda