Friday, December 28, 2012

2012 is Winding Down

     I have just been perusing my new "Blog Book" that I ordered from "Cutest Blog on the Block", I am quite impressed - and not just with myself! It is 308 pages, hardbound and contains all of my posts and pictures since I started my blog in 2008.  It is really fun to look through and remember lots of fun times with my family and friends.  I highly recommend it! (It cost $140.00)
     We've had a wonderful Christmas, and even though Brooke and her family were not able to join us, we "face timed" with them lots and lots!  Jeff just went back to sunny San Diego, but he certainly enjoyed snowboarding with Doug while he was here.  We had a beautiful, snowy Christmas, even though we failed again at making a snow man, I did make a snow angel - my first one! 
     Feeling grateful for all of my blessings, we are heading to Cali for a few days with ALL of the kids and grandbabies (I'm sure Shane will bop down for a day or so!), except poor Ben, who will be hard at work and school still.  Hopefully my family will survive our visit!
     Here's to a wonderful 2013!!!