Thursday, March 8, 2012

Post from a Slacker

Ack! It's been awhile since I've posted. Life has just been a little crazy - a little out of balance around here and it's no one's fault but mine! I guess I though when my kids were raised, I wouldn't ever get "too busy" again. But, I have a lot going this month and I got a little behind on my sleep - the result - feeling like I was never going to get through everything I had to get done - REALITY - it's all turning out just fine!
I went away last weekend with some girlfriends for a quilting weekend at the condo - it was beautiful weather, but we hardly set foot outside!! I got this little baby done:
(I got another one done, but haven't taken a picture yet, it's coming, I promise.) We managed to get a design wall put up - by pinning a cheap table cloth to a quilt I have hanging down there - it was a lifesaver for putting together our quilts. Now that I have a design wall at home, I practically can't quilt without one, so this is great! I am heading back down there in another week for the annual "Sister-In-Law Retreat", there will be 7 or 8 of us stuffed into that cozy condo, but I think we're going to have a blast! I will be quilting, of course.
Something has happened to me: when I started quilting a few years ago, Mr. Handsome bought me a light-weight sewing machine to haul to quilting bee each week and to retreats - it cost $200. I have 'inherited' an old Bernina that is HEAVY and doesn't like to come out of it's table in the basement, so this was perfect - BUT - I am afraid I have become a sewing 'snob' like my quilting friends! The stitch on the 'cheapie' isn't nearly as nice as the Bernina! When my friends used to talk about how they liked "the stitch" on this machine or that, I thought they were just talking crazy - well, now it's happened to me! So, today, when I went to my bee, I took hand-quilting, I didn't want to haul the old Bernina up and I don't think I can bear sewing on the ol' jalopy!
In other news, the grandchildren are still perfect and I am getting my 'fix' of the close-by ones at least, fairly regularly. Life IS good these days, especially when I get off work early and get enough sleep!