Wednesday, February 1, 2012


I finished this (huge) quilt! It's from "Pie Plate Patterns" and the pattern name is "Skip to My Lou". I'm sorry I can't remember the book it's from - I borrowed it from the guild and have since returned it. It measures about 84" x 104".
It's called "Irish Sunshine" because it has a little bit of an Irish Chain going and the colors are so gorgeous and sunshine-y. I love it! I had to run it outside to try to get the colors to show better:
It has nice, cozy flannel on the back, except for this random corner with a few scraps, since I did not buy quite enough backing.
I got it done right before I hopped down to California for a great, quick, visit. I have no pictures of said visit because I am a slacker and did not bring my camera. Although, I must admit, that even though I think my trips are great - you all might think they are kinda boring/same thing. Visiting my sisters, my parents, my son and his girlfriend. Going to the movies, manicure/pedicure, good food, going to church, reading, relaxing, helping my parents with a little organizing, etc. So, maybe it's not so bad that I didn't bring my camera and make you all sit through the family pics...