Thursday, February 16, 2012

Puttering Around the Studio...

Not a whole lot going on over here. I have been working on a Christmas project:
This is made with a "Tumbler" Ruler:
It was easy to cut out, just using Charm Packs (My one weakness). BUT, it's been kind of a challenge to put together, I think it has to do with geometry or some such nonsense. You'd think cutting out one hundred identical shapes, then sewing them together, two by two, they would all be the same little section and go together however you wanted, but NO, that's not what happened. My friend, Amber warned me, but it still happened - rats. They ended up being 2 distinct little sections and would not play well together! I had to do some unpicking. I did get the top done, but will probably not quilt it until (much) closer to Christmas:
And, yes, I know it's not symmetrical, it turned out way taller than wide and I didn't want to mess with more of those little sections, so I just added a border on two sides - so it's a great size AND fun to look at. (Just go with it)
Off tomorrow to see that sweet baby Sydnee (and her parents), then down to sunny southern Utah for a nice little vacation for Mr. Handsome's B-day.