Monday, January 2, 2012

Why Grandparenting is Important

Yesterday, Brooke and her family left for the long drive back to Missouri. Babygirl was beside herself, crying and being very sad. The younger ones gave good hugs but weren't really upset - they were more interested in the movie being shown in the car. For Babygirl, it's back to the grind of first grade...
Our house is back to quiet today (after a quick visit from "Little Man" this morning) and it makes me reflect on the importance of this whole grandparenting thing. I think that kids need grandparents because it is great when a grown up thinks they are just perfect and wonderful. Their parents are pretty busy worrying about feeding them some sort of healthy food, fashioning them into upstanding citizens and keeping the fighting and noise to a minimum.
Grandparents are just amazed at the adorable-ness of them. (We know in the back of our mind that our own children were adorable too - but we were so busy then). Grandparents love their grandchildren forever and ever, no matter what. We take the time to do things with them that we didn't have the time (or the mental capacity) to do with our own children.
We need granchildren too - it makes us feel needed, special and important. They remind us that the world is a wonderful, amazing place, when we see it through their eyes. They remind us that relationships are so worth working on. I am so glad that Mr. Handsome and I have made it through those rough years together so we can enjoy our children and grandchildren together, because I don't think anyone else would be so crazy about them. Their little faces light up when they see us - what a joy!
They remind to relax and help us to remember what is really important. (Them)
They are such a blessing in our lives and we are forever grateful for each one of them. I know not everyone is able to have a relationship with their grandchildren, so it makes me appreciate them even more. (And my fabulous children too). Happy New Year! (You weren't expecting resolutions, were you- blech!)
On the other hand, our dogs' nerve are shot from having such a houseful for two weeks, she barks now whenever anyone comes over or makes a loud noise from the other room, etc.