Saturday, July 9, 2011

Who Knew?

Since Brooke and her precious babies went back to Missouri, I have been trying to get down to the quilt studio everyday. It has been really fun! I made a cute mini quilt for the Quilt Festival coming up this fall - I just have to get it quilted and then I'll post it. What's been really fun is just thinking about quilting more - colors, designs, ideas, projects, techniques, retreats, etc. I've just sent in my registration for 2 quilt retreats this fall and am getting excited for them too.

I was thinking today about something that I wore in HIGH SCHOOL - you know, like 30 years ago!!! and how happy I was that the stripe in the heel of my shoe, matched part of my blouse and my pants, etc. I always loved "pulling it all together" with touches of color. Mind you I was no "best dressed" kind of girl at all, but I enjoyed clothes, (when they weren't feeling too tight). I was thinking about how this has come all the way into my old age - pulling in colors in my quilts - the center blocks, borders, binding, etc. I really enjoy choosing the fabrics and colors for my quilt projects. When I first started quilting, 6 years ago, I mostly bought "kits" - all the colors were chosen for me. I felt I had enough to do with just constructing the quilt. I progressed to charm packs (Okay, I haven't really gotten past the allure of charm packs, layer cakes, jelly rolls, etc. but I digress) where, again the colors were all there, but I chose borders, binding, etc. I do still use pre-cuts, but I find I really am enjoying branching out and picking my own colors - fondling fabric, dreaming about colors, wondering if there's something under my pile of unruly stash that would be perfect (and did I buy enough of it??) Anyway, once again feeling grateful and happy about my fantastic quilting life, I mean hobby.

PS. I made raspberry jam today - a bit easier than peach jam - no peeling, pitting, cutting - only a little smashing...

(Don't ask me about that random bit leftover, I wasn't going to throw it away!)