Thursday, July 21, 2011

Lazy Summer Days

It's been pretty quiet around here since Brooke and brood left last month. I finally finished this baby:
I've been working on it for 4 years!!!! I originally took a class to learn how to applique and it was hard and some of my applique is terrible. The newer stuff is still nowhere near perfect, but I like to think I am improving somewhat. This is one of my favorite blocks (sorry about the sideways-ness). I tried to do some fancy quilting like the quilting done by my friend on my last quilt, but as you can see, I've got a ways to go...

I made a couple of matching pillows and they are all going to go to live at the condo - the quilt will be hanging on the wall. Yesterday was the annual July Quilt Fair and I did not buy a quilt, even though I bid on a couple of small things. I did NOT let that auctioneer suck me in - I am proud of myself! I did buy lots of fun stuff though:

(No, I didn't buy the kitten - that's Tinkerbell, always in my business). I got a couple of darling kits, some fabulous fabric a couple of patterns, some great flannel on sale for $5 a yard, and some fun Jillilly red thimble stickers. I hate real thimbles, so I use the little pads you stick on your fingers and since now they come in red instead of boring tan, I had to get some. I do enjoy shopping at the vendor mall - it's my kind of shop hop - not piling in and out of the car, driving all over the place, re-sweating each time you get into your hot vehicle, etc. Anyway, great day all around! Today I am going to sort through my stack of quilting magazines - pull the patterns I might use and toss the magazines! (I am feeling pretty ambitious for sure!)