Sunday, July 24, 2011

A kitten in the Studio

We got a kitten a couple of months ago. My husband got her from the neighbor, after much cajoling from the grandchildren who were visiting at the time. Mr. Handsome really wants a dog, but after having/raising dogs (Labs) for the first 20 or so years of marriage, I put my foot down and now there are no dogs for the next 20 years (that's fair, right?). I am actually allergic to dogs (an allergy I have developed in my old age) AND I don't really even care for dogs. I (reasonably) told Mr. Handsome that when he retires, he can get a dog, because then HE will be here to take care of it all day, when normally it's ME here at home when the dog runs out of water, gets out of the yard, is barking it's fool head off, pooping where children/grandchildren step in it, chewing up things, etc. while he is at work, blissfully unaware of how much trouble a dog really is. I know I may sound hard-hearted to you dog-lovers out there, but that's the truth as I see it.
Anyway - back to this kitten, Tinkerbell, now that she survived the grandchildren's extended visit she gets sort of bored with just the two of us here. So, she tends to make her own fun, which generally includes hauling things around that she's discovered in various places around the house, and last night, while I was sewing on this quilt for #5 grandbaby:

She was running at the trashcans I have in my studio, knocking them over and crawling inside to haul out bits of fabric, paper, etc. So now, after picking up the trash, this is what it looks like around here:
She also knocks down any fabric pieces I have sitting around near my sewing machine and is working hard to pull down my design wall. Every time I get up to use the iron, this is what I find when I return:
She looks very comfortable, doesn't she?
P.S. Her nickname is Stinkerbell.