Monday, June 13, 2011

Sister-In-Law Retreat!

Had a fabulous time at our 12th annual Sister-In-Law Retreat this past weekend! We went to Rose's wonderful home in Saratoga Springs where we were pampered with lovely towels all tied up in ribbon and Bath and Body lotion AND a chocolate on our beds! We ate wonderful food, as usual, and best of all, got lots of visiting in.For dinner one night, we drove up north to cousin Karen's house. She is doing a fundraiser with her kids - they are cooking dinner and serving it in their amazing backyard and the money they collect all goes to build schools in Kenya. Michele couldn't come to the retreat, but since she lives near Karen, she joined us for dinner. We got Aunt Raelene in this pic too:
On the way back to Rose's, Deanna mentioned that she had NEVER been to IKEA! We were appalled and so we had to stop! Denise kept telling Deanna how it was pretty much like Disneyland, flags at the entrance, letters on the light poles in the parking lot so you could remember where you parked. Announcements while you're shopping, etc. The only ride was the elevator, but we all still had a good time. (Although, we all made purchases and Deanna only looked)I got one quilt top completed and another one all cut out and ready to go. The completed quilt top (in the bottom box) is for my niece-in-law's shower next week, so I can't show it yet...I was telling Rose and Deanna how much I loved my Shark steam mop, so when they brought me home on Saturday, they both just had to try it - they were fighting over who got to mop my sticky kitchen floor! (The grandbabies have been staying - so it's pretty much always sticky). I think I sold them both one, I should get some sort of commission, I think.All in all, a wonderful weekend, although we were joking that it was "The Grandma Retreat" this year, since we were all grandmas - the younger girls didn't come. (Although I heard a rumor that Jen showed up after I left...)