Thursday, June 30, 2011

Road Trip!

Just got back from a week long road trip. Our daughter and her 3 kids had been visiting for nearly 2 months and we told them if they flew out, we'd drive 'em home. It was a wonderful trip! One thing we did was go to the dollar store before the trip and buy lots of inexpensive goodies for the kids. Brooke organized them into lunch bags - 1 for each child every 200 miles. They were so excited each time they got a bag - it was like Christmas! Here is Nattie with her flamingo glasses: (She is holding one of the 9(!!!) quilts that Brooke made while she was here! The trip was great, I went to states I had never been to before - like Kansas, Nebraska and Iowa. It was great to see this beautiful country, I feel very blessed to live here in this great land.

We drove out through Colorado and Kansas, then back through Nebraska and Wyoming. It was kind of funny, my car has a GPS system, Mr. Handsome's phone does too AND we had the iPad, which also has Google Maps on it. At one point all three of the electronic items were sending us in 3 different directions!! When we got to Missouri, I insisted that we go to the Auto Club and get old-fashioned PAPER maps that don't move when you touch them or go "out of service area" at inopportune moments. This made me very happy, I got out my little yellow high-lighter and marked up my maps and knew where I was the rest of the trip. We had to detour around about 100 miles in Northern Missouri and Iowa on our way home because of all of the flooding along the Missouri River. We saw farms, fields, homes and more halfway underwater! It is amazing to see it in "real life" instead of on TV. It really brings home that people really are suffering.

We went to a funny restaurant in Missouri called "Lambert's Cafe" it is the home of the "throwed rolls" - where they literally throw rolls to you when you want them - it is a crack up. Especially to see the kids catch the rolls.

On the way home, we went through Lincoln, Nebraska and guess what is there? That's right, "The International Quilt Study Center and Museum". Totally cool. The admission is $6.00 per person and I graciously told Mr. Handsome I would pay his way, but - it was free admission the day we were there because they were having some sort of event! Lucky us. It was neat to see the exhibits and just to be in a place where people study quilting! Wow!We stayed in some real dives, including "The Annie Oakley Motel" - thank you Expedia - NOT! I think my real problem is that I have "Hilton" taste and a "Motel 6" budget... It's good to be home, but I had a great time, with my daughter, grandkids and wonderful hubby. (Yes, it was fab to see Mr. Ben too!)