Wednesday, January 19, 2011


So, in my fabulous sewing studio (also known as 'the basement'), my great hubby hooked me up with a flat screen TV on the wall, I have a DVD player AND a "Roku" - a streaming video something-or-other. So, now I can watch "Netflix" right in my sewing room and I have been watching "Super-Size Me" about a guy who goes on a 3 meals a day from McDonald's for 30 days diet. I know this movie came out YEARS ago and I am hopelessly behind the times, but it is quite an eye-opener! Not necessarily about McDonald's per se, but just a good reminder about all fast food, etc. How too much fat and calories can really drag your body down. (Getting old drags it down enough!!) I know I have to face the fact that when I go out to eat, I eat more than I do at home - more fats, bigger portions, etc. - I don't even really eat fast food - all my kids are grown, so it's not such a go-to thing anymore, but it's so easy to overeat in society today. All of the commercials on TV are about food, it seems - although maybe that's just how it appears to me, with my preoccupation with food anyway. Mind you, the show is kind of gross - they filmed a gastric bypass surgery, etc. (I kept my eyes on my sewing project during that for sure)
So, I am keeping an eye on MY portions and keeping up on my goal for this year - hit the gym twice a week. Not that I didn't eat buckets of M & M this past weekend...(sigh)