Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall, I am My Mother, After all...

This is a saying I've seen on pillows and other items over the years. It used to cause my heart to shiver with dread - I would NEVER turn into my mother. Well, the years are passing and I not only look more like my beautiful mother every year, I act more like her and I must say that I am thrilled. My mom lives in California and I miss her, so when I see her in my face, it makes me smile, my smile is from her too, big and happy. When I am kind and loving or generous, I realize that I learned these things from her. She taught me to drive, to clean, to help others, to be a faithful visiting teacher, to pray, to sing, to type, to be a secretary, to answer the phone, write thank you notes, to be a mother, a grandmother, and so many other things that I couldn't even list them all! Thanks, Mom!
Here we are at a family reunion last April - My Mom, Me, Brooke and My Mamal (grandmother for those of you not from the south) - plus the gorgeous grandchildren.