Monday, April 6, 2009

Kitchen Update...

Things are moving along nicely in the new kitchen. It is actually a "functioning" kitchen now - Yippee!! We are still waiting for the tile for the backsplash. The cabinet guys need to rework a couple of drawers, and a cupboard, plus put on handles and pulls. However - I served a wonderful "conference buffet" yesterday - all of the kids came over. I made cookies with my new Kitchen Aid mixer that I got for Christmas. I used both of my ovens and the dishwasher has been used multiple times! I actually ate cereal in a glass bowl this morning, instead of paper! (It's been 3 months!)
The babies found this empty/door-less cupboard and made a little hideout with it, they kept running around and diving into it, with a flashlight, pretending to sleep and just generally having a great time.I'm off to Arizona tomorrow for a fun, family reunion with my cousins and sisters, etc.!