Sunday, April 12, 2009

Family Reunion Fun...

I'm back from a fun, family reunion trip in Arizona. No, I'm not from Arizona and neither is any part of my family; that said; two of my cousins have relocated there, plus, my Aunt Linda is buying a house there and is busy getting all of her grandchildren located there. Brooke and I went with the babies (we are the only ones without jobs) and had a fabulous time! It did take 12 and half hours to get there, but it was worth it.
Here are: My sister Debi, Aunt Dottie, Sister Heidi, Aunt Linda and Me:
Here are some of my cute cousins (they are all way younger than me): I hadn't seen some of them for over 5 years, which may not seem like a really long time, but it is. These are the cousins that lived near us in CA, we spent most of our holidays with them, since my mom and Aunt Linda were the only ones on the west coast. I have missed them so much since moving to Utah.

Here are Shaun and Austin, having a great time with their cousins, Kylee and Ryan. (Stacy says the look on Austin's face is a "Brooke face")Here is my mom, holding Shaun, with me, holding Austin, Brooke and my grandmother - 5 generations! I was really glad to see my Mamal (that's a grandmother, in the south), every time I see her, I'm afraid it's for the last time - she's 87 and lives in North Carolina. I think it's cool that Austin and Shaun have a Great-Great Grandmother who is still around!We had a wonderful time, visiting cousins, aunts, etc., the weather was great, the little kids had so much fun, playing outside every day and going swimming in the hotel pool. We had superb food, I'm waiting for some recipes, so I can make some more! We really missed the cousins and Uncle Richard, who couldn't make it - hopefully next time!