Monday, September 22, 2008

Tagged...By Megan

Okay, here goes;

20 years ago...
1. Just had my 5th baby.
2. Didn't think I'd survive.
3. Turned 25.
10 years ago...
1. Lived "way out", about 20 minutes from church, the grocery store, the kids' schools, etc. Lots of driving in those years!
2. All of my kids were in school all day!!! (A true miracle)
3. Lived without airconditioning (Boo hoo hoo)
5 years ago...
1. Moved to Utah.
2. Fabulous Birthday Trip to Vegas to see Mamma Mia and stay at Mandalay Bay.
3. None of my kids were married yet.

1 year ago...
1. Almost died from some weird calcium thing.
2. Spent a week in the hospital.
3. 2 more of my kids got married.

This year so far...
1. Completed my 36th quilt in 3 years.
2. Found out my 3rd grandchild is coming!
3. Doug Bug I love came home!

1. Big welcome home party for Doug Bug.
2. Enjoyed visiting with everyone, including my sisters and mom who came up from California.
3. Fell into bed exhausted!

1. Baked cookies for Stacy's work party tomorrow. (and some to take on my quilt retreat)
2. Saw Hancock at the $1.50 movie for family night (way too violent!!)
3. Actually walked, even though Megan didn't this morning!

1. Going to my fabulous Quilt Festival Retreat in Ogden for a few days!!!
2. Facilitating the noon 12 step meeting before I go out of town.
3. Going walking with Doug Bug.

I tag... Holly D., Danielle D., Kathy P., Judie O., Denise A., Brooke H., Nikki M, etc.