Saturday, July 26, 2008

Saturday with the Grandbabies

Well, Stacy has been out of town a lot the last two weeks, so this morning, we went and picked up those cute grandbabies and took them to breakfast and then we went down to "Cook's Nursery" on 1600 N (great nursery). At Cook's, they have these great little red wagons (radio flyers, no less) to cart your purchases around in. When we got there, we put Shaun in the wagon and Austin pulled him all around while grandma got some new geraniums for the mailbox planter. After a while, they switched places. Shaun LOVED pulling the wagon, he would not let Austin have another turn, so we got him his own. They pulled them up and down nearly all the aisles. Shaun fell, but just got right back up (filthy, but he could care less). They found a little fountain to play in and were in heaven. When it was time to go, Shaun was definitely NOT OKAY with letting go of the wagon, screaming, fits, throwing himself on the ground, etc. Of course, Stacy asked to talk to the manager to see if we could buy one, apparently not as they even use the old ones for parts. What were the grandparents to do? Of course, we stopped at Toys R Us and dropped $120 for a wagon they could take home. It was hard work, putting it together, with Shaun so tired, we finally had to put him to bed. This was after, Stacy gave both grandbabies a tiny amount of diet coke in their sippy cups.