Thursday, July 31, 2008

Babysitting Woes

We went to the temple last night with Brooke and Ben. Shane was assigned to babysit. I left out some mac n cheese for him to give them for dinner, since they love it. Apparently, he can babysit and he can cook, but he can't do both at once. He was amazed that they ate 6 bananas! (Maybe they were hungry for dinner!!!). Austin is working on the potty-training business and she had a number 2 accident in her princess panties. Shane was APPALLED! She said, "Uncle Shane, I need you to change me" Luckily, for all concerned, Shane's friend, Aldana was over, so Shane promptly wrote her a check for $5 to do clean up. She did - panties in the trash - problem solved. Shane was VERY glad to see us when we got home.