Monday, July 14, 2008

The Butter Saga

Last night, Shane had a couple of friends over for dinner, since all of our other kids were otherwise occupied, we had way too much food. One of the menu items was corn-on-the-cob. Before Jason and Jordan came over, I said to Stacy and Shane, please do not roll your corn on the "community" butter! Take some butter onto your own plate and use it however you want. (Some of Stacy's family does that, and mine doesn't, so obviously you shouldn't!) So, the boys come over and we start dishing up the food, suddenly, Jason says, "Oops, I kind of squished your butter". We look over and Jason has rolled his corn right in the butter in the dish, and indeed, he has squished it. Stacy, Shane and I started laughing and laughing, pretty soon we started crying, we couldn't speak. Jason and Jordan were wondering what was going on and when we could finally talk, we told them! Needless to say, everyone (but me) just rolled their corn in the butter. (Yes, afterwards, I threw it away).