Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Remodeling and Such

So the remodeling is nearly finished and here is the progress: Here is the end of the hall as it looked before. We had these cabinets and drawers (that actually held a lot of stuff):
Here is the "master" before, we had these funky light boxes over the windows:
 Here is what the end of the hall looked like when they tore down the two closets in the bedrooms and the cabinet at the end of the hall(and framed in the new doorway)
 Here you can see where we have our little transom window, it will sort of match our front door, pictured below, but it will take like 2 months to have made.

Ah, paint. You can see our nifty ceiling and wainscoting:
 The peek into the master bath, which is also the regular/guest bath, since we just have two, one up and one down. I actually like this, because there are only ever two toilets to clean!
 New (soft) carpet!!! And you can see our wall sconces for reading. We did not put any can lights above the bed, since we decided you NEVER want a can light in your eyes when you are in bed. We also put the can lights in the other part of the room on dimmers. So when Mr. Handsome gets up earlier than me (an every day occasion) he can see to get ready without (hopefully) waking me up!
 The closet and sitting area: It's really nice to have 4 windows in our bedroom, that are on three sides of the house, plenty of light!
 Here is the doorway with the transom space, all painted up.

Of course, the first thing Mr. Handsome put up was the tv - it is mounted on a thing-y that will swing to either watch it from the bed or from the sitting area by the closet:
Here is my half of the closet, full up:
Here is our GIANT King-sized bed -woo hoo!
 We are still waiting for closet doors (big mirrors), the transom window, a couple of doors (since we switched out the rest of the doors in the house) and we are having another cabinet built into the hallway a little ways down from the bedroom so we will still have some storage up here. BUT we are living upstairs in the giant/fabulous, roomy bedroom after camping downstairs for 4 weeks -and it was ready to move into by our anniversary!