Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas Time!

It's Christmas Time and life is good! It's time for bunny slippers and electronics, as you can tell from Sydnee's cute self:
I have finished my Christmas quilting gifts - 2 quilts this year. My quilting machine is giving me serious grief! (Again!) So frustrating, I barely got the last quilt out of it's jaws, finally complete after approximately 1200 thread breaks! Grrrr. But, now it is sitting meekly in the quilt studio, looking benign, and I may approach it again come January as I still have a few projects to quilt - hopefully I'll forget how mean it is! Was seriously contemplating buying a new machine, but I've spent all my pennies on the Mini Q (AKA new car!), so I daren't.
     Our wonderful Christmas company is here (Jeff & Vanessa) and we are going to have a lovely white Christmas this year, sometimes it is just cold, but it makes it so much better with snow!
Yes, those are little Christmas ornaments on the end of the lights, Mr. Handsome took our extras out there for added Christmas delight.  We will be having a tamale making party tonight combined with a gingerbread house decorating party. Clever me! I froze the leftover gingerbread candy from last year AND I remembered it was down in the freezer! Woo hoo! 
Hope you all are having a wonderful holiday season, filled with the things and people you love!