Saturday, May 14, 2011


Sorry to be such a bad blogger these days - the grandchildren that moved to Missouri have come to stay for a few weeks! (They brought their parents too). We went down to the condo for a few days, then picked them up in Las Vegas (cheap flight). Luckily Natalie didn't turn two until yesterday, so she flew for free!

Amanda came down and spent the night too - she hasn't seen Brooke and her family since they moved away last summer! Jeff flew up on Friday morning from California - so the gang's all here!

(That is brave Aunt Amanda getting the giant spider out of the jacuzzi)

Little Beckham came over to meet the cousins:

They were happy to see him, but they were really excited to see Doug & Tricia's dog, Bow, or as the kids call him "Bow-dizzle".

Tomorrow is Beckham's blessing, so a big party with lots of food and fun, speaking of which, Ben will be invited back for sure, he made delicious crepes for everyone this morning, including random family members who dropped in... (AND he wiped all of the counters - he is a keeper for sure)

And, as you can see, I did not get my quilt finished and I basted it and tossed it behind my chair until further notice...

We did have a big family quilt night on Thursday, but I was stricken with the flu!! I can't remember the last time I had the flu - maybe 10 years ago? It was miserable, but Brooke carried on with quilt night for me and the girls all had a good time. I am somewhat recovered today, but still a little tired, maybe I should consider getting a flu shot next year? Nah...