Thursday, November 19, 2009

Oh My Goodness!!

Tonight was family "quilt night" with Brooke and Tricia. Brooke had a fun night planned to go and see "New Moon" with friends (at midnight), so she opted out of QN to spend the whole evening with her gal pals. At 7:30, Tricia's brother-in-law called and said his company had rented out a theatre for a special showing of New Moon at 7:45 and he had tickets for her and Doug. I shamelessly called out "Does he have one extra one for me?" He Did!!!! So we zipped down there and bypassed all of the people waiting in line for the midnight showing and got to see it! It was fab, I need to go and re-read all of the books again - I did that after seeing Twilight too! I do love a good book!