Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Shane Sommers and Friends Fun Run...

The other day, Shane decided to have a "fun run" 5K. He thought about charging an entrance fee and getting t-shirts, but then decided maybe not - he didn't think his siblings were going to fork over $10 apiece to be in it. Everyone showed up for the 8 a.m. starting time. The race was started with a "bottle rocket", it went up and when it popped, the race was on!

We had some walkers and bike riders as well as runners.

And, they're off!!

Here are the non-participaters, aka, "the cheering section": (Heading to the first corner to cheer) - and, yes, I am in that group - I am also the official photographer.

Here comes the winner, Mitch Macfarlane, followed by Karyn Hunter Heath, then Becca:

Here are the last of the "runners", making a mad dash not to be dead last!Shane didn't really want Mitch to come, since he knew he would beat him, but Brooke wants everyone to know that she beat Shane too and that was her goal. Shane says, "Wait until next time!" The race was followed by marginally cool water bottles and otter pops. Thanks for coming everyone!