Monday, June 15, 2009

The Parade...

Denise did a fun float in the Orem Parade on Saturday. Danny built the cool house (It will be living at Grandma Sommers' house permanently), @ Home rented Segways and so did Shane and Becca. It was fun to see them. If you click on the picture below, you can see Babygirl waving as hard as she can from the front window of the house. (Click on 'back' to get back to the blog):

Brooke and I took the Boy and the Teeny Babygirl to a friend's house to watch the festivities.
Here are Shane and Becca, thrilling the crowd with their maneuvers. (I didn't get a pic of the 5 Segways in formation.) We had the Segways all weekend, so I got to try one on Sunday, it was fun - a little scary, but fun. On Saturday night, Doug rode one to Macey's and rode it right in the store, got his ice cream and checked out, without getting off. Shane said, "Did anyone say anything about it?". Doug: "No, I just acted like it was normal". (Can you say, Arrested Development?)Babygirl is a "real Utah child", she was in a parade at 3 years old. I'm from CA, and the only parade I knew about was the Rose Parade, until I moved here.