Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day

I am down in Ca, visiting my father for Father's Day. In church today, the lady who spoke finished her talk with phrases her father said that made her smile, so Heidi and I listed the ones we could think of:
1. Do you think money grows on trees?
2. This IS the celestial kingdom! (When discussing church)
3. What's the worst that can happen?
4. In round numbers...
5. Don't they know who you are? (After we complained about being mistreated, etc.)
6. The Mugleston's got it. (A large family in our ward that my mom often gave no longer needed items to)
7. She went mad and I shot her. (In answer to "where's mom?")
8. There will be a small fee or We'll add that to your bill (When people come to dinner, etc. and say thank you)
9. Don't trust anybody.
10. All the heat is blowing out the windows!
11. Who left all these lights on?
12. It is better to be a few minutes late in this life, than a few years early in the next.
13. Put a screw in it before you change your mind.
14. Be careful out there, remember, everyone out there is an a__hole!
15. You can't go!
16. The place was so small you could swing a cat in it and hit all four walls!
17. A dog... 2 sh--s a day, that's 14 sh--s a week, 56 a month..., if you get 2 dogs, that's 4 sh...

Various comments on unattractive people (usually in old movies):
I've seen better legs hanging out of a nest.
She could haunt a house.
Teeth like gravestones.
You could throw him for a dart.

I am so grateful for my dad and all he has done for our family over these many years. I am grateful for my wonderful husband too. I love them both very much, they are great examples of fatherhood!
P.S. Master Benjamin Hunter has also shown himself to be a great father and I love him too!