Saturday, May 21, 2016

Life Goes On...

Life is just moving right along as I'm sure it is for everyone else! So sorry for skipping so many months, I feel like a slacker! In November these cuties got married:

 Big Family Pic, including parents, sisters, and everyone!

 All 10 of the gorgeous grand babies!

 Here are some quilts I've been working on:
This was a kit I purchased a few years back - done!

This is a "Contrast" quilt, from a class I took in St. George in January, we had to use all one color in various values, then stick it together with "press-n-seal" because we didn't have time to sew the blocks together in class. They are currently in a box awaiting their resurrection to become a real quilt!

 A delicious BBQ chicken pizza me and Mr. Handsome enjoyed (a lot)!
 Here's what is currently on my design wall, I was ready to sash it up with cornerstones, but then I went to a (FAB) dinner and lecture by Kathy Doughty from Australia and she likes to piece her sashings, so I am going to take it to the quilt shop next week to find some more fabrics and give that pieced sashing a try!
 Finished this "row" quilt that one of my bees (and me) were working on last year, it's for Sydnee's twin bed, now that she's getting bigger!

Lots of other stuff has been going on, but too much for one post, I will keep working at it until I'm caught up! I was reading my "blog" book that I had published a couple of years ago and I was just enjoying it SOOOO much, then I realized I think it's so great, because I think my life and family are so great and I think I'm pretty funny - I'm probably the only one, but it pointed me back to my blog to keep it up so I will have a record - maybe some of my posterity will enjoy it when I am dead and gone - we'll see!
Have a happy life, and if it's tough right now - it will get better!!!!!!