Saturday, May 10, 2014

Life is Good

I have turned into the worst blogger EVER, I used to post twice a week, now it's more like twice a MONTH! I don't know if I'm running out of things to talk about, or if I have a sneaking suspicion that I've possibly already blogged about certain things, and can't quite remember in my advanced dotage, oh well.

Here's what I've been up to on the quilting front:
 I finished this cute quilt, from a "layer-cake", with a few other fabrics added in. It's for the "Grandchildren's Room", the other quilt I had on the bed was really too small.
 Here is my newest "mini quilt" to donate to the Utah Quilt Guild this year. It is a block I made for one of my quilt groups block exchange, I had a couple of extras, so I quilted it up and it made a cute little mini. Notice the clothespin holding it at the very top of the tree, I totally lost my point (no news there), but am looking for a nice large star button to put on the top to hide my faux pas.
Here is my haul from the HMQS show (Home Machine Quilting Show). I got some cute fat quarters, some of the "pounce" quilt marking stuff, some great pre-cut log cabin blocks and a few other sundry items. I took $150 cash, but had to break out the debit card on my second trip around the vendor mall. (Happy Mother's Day to me, right?)
Here is the latest block exchange in my little quilt group. We were supposed to bring our favorite blocks, mine is the log cabin. We should be done pretty soon, so I can start thinking of a project for these little babies (6.5")
On the remodeling front, still no closet doors installed (!!!), no transom window, but the linen closet in the hall is done:
While waiting for the paint touch up, etc. We decided to do a quick little remodel in the home office, since Mr. Handsome is working from home now (yay!). So we are still living in a bit of chaos, but it will soon someday be behind us, I know this because this is not my first remodel and probably won't be the last! Hope you're all having happy quilting times!