Wednesday, August 22, 2012

What I did on my Summer Vacation...

     The last of my wonderful houseguests left yesterday morning!  It was a fun time around here for sure this summer! We had Brooke and her whole family here, my sister and niece, Jeff was here from California and all of the "close-by" kids were here hanging out with the "far-away kids".  Party on!
     We got a picture of all 6 of the grandbabies, although they were not all cooperating: Beckham cracks me up, lying there in the front where he was placed, not moving or smiling. Natalie had just woken up from a long nap and I believe a couple of the kids had thrown up this morning - ah well - life!

                   They did do a bit better with Grandma & Grandpa there to steady them. 

     A week into their two week visit, I decided that Natalie-Bear needed a twin sized quilt to go on her bed, now that she is in a bunk bed, so I whipped this baby up and managed to complete it before they left.  Of course, Brooke  completed 4 quilts out of my scraps and got them all quilted and bound and the binding sewn on before she left and she was only here for a week!(She was in Hawaii the first week). The funny thing was, she was digging in my scraps/stash and managed to use my new Block of the Month fabric that I had left sitting on the cutting table, she was mortified, but I just get to buy more fabric! No problem. Natalie was so cute, calling it her "qweelt", she  was super excited - very gratifying for this granny!

     I also managed to complete this throw for a friend's birthday, it worked out very well, the legos were downstairs in my studio, so the kids played down there a lot and I got some quilting done! Win-Win for sure!

     While my sister and niece, Katrina were here, Brooke taught her how to quilt, so she made a quilt from my scraps and her mom bought her a backing and batting and she completed her quilt - mind you they stayed up until 3 and 7 a.m.!! My sister's remark "Quilting is expensive!" (She bought her minkey for the back) In my frazzled state, I did not get a picture of her cute quilt.

     In July we had our family reunion, as mentioned and I got this picture from my sis-in-law:

    August is almost over and it is going to be Quilting Season!!!!!! My birthday is coming, 3 quilt retreats and cooler weather, could life get any better????