Sunday, November 13, 2011


We headed down to the condo this past weekend and although no Christmas sewing got done, it was nice to get away. On Saturday, we did a fun hike out on the backside of St. George:
Beautiful scenery, fantastic rocks to jump around on:
I am very sad to report, that when I was here 10-15 years ago, I did a lot more jumping around - I guess getting old is kind of stinky.
The dog didn't think much of the hike -she kind of dragged her feet all the way up, she was much friskier on the way home. We only hiked a little over 4 miles - and I always wonder when I do something like that, "If I did this every day, could I eat whatever I wanted and not gain weight?"
We saw two movies this weekend - "In Time" with Amanda Seyfreid, it was a good movie, but that gal has the boniest knees I've ever seen on someone older that 11! We also saw "Tower Heist" - also enjoyable, but be warned, Eddie Murphy is a little on the crude side (no surprise, actually - but lately I'm just used to him as "Donkey" on the Shrek movies).
Now back to work and sewing and shopping - but first a nice soak in the jacuzzi...