Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Anniversary, etc.

Hi All, just a note - yesterday, Mr. Handsome and myself celebrated 30 years of marriage! What did we do you ask? Well, we went and got some real estate papers signed and went to a dive of a Mexican restaurant that Mr. Handsome LOVES, then browsed at Barnes & Noble, then home. Before you start the pity party for me, we ARE leaving this week for a week in the Caribbean!!! So excited!! So I'll be MIA for awhile, since there is no way I would be able to figure out how to blog/upload pics from somewhere else - even if Shane & Becca ARE coming too and they could show me. (Old dog/New tricks - you know). Anyhoo - got lots of new books downloaded on my kindle and I'm off - toodles!
P.S. Did I mention that I LOVE that man?